The Gluts and Sartorius Muscles

The Gluts and Sartorius Muscles (Fig. 7/8)


Muscle Origin Insertion Action Palpation 



Gluteus Maximus Outer aspect ilium- Posterior. Posterior surface sacrum Into ilio-tibial band side of thigh Extends hipLaterally rotates hip joint Yes
Gluteus Medius Outer surface ilium- Middle Greater trochanter Abducts hip joint Yes
Gluteus Minimus Outer surface ilium- Anterior Greater trochanter-Front Abducts hip joint.Medially rotates hip joint. Yes
Sartorius(Fig.8) Anterior superior iliac spine (ASIS) Upper medial surface shaft tibia Flesxs hip joint.Externally rotates hip.

Abducts hip.

Flexs knee.

Medially rotates the knee joint.

Yes – by resistance



low back rolls