The Acromio – Clavicular Joint (AC Joint)

The Acromio – Clavicular Joint



Between the articular facet of the acromion process (medial aspect), of the scapula and most lateral part of the clavical on the articular facet.

Type of Joint:

Synovial gliding joint.

shoulder 1




This is attached to the articular margins, lined with synovial membrane.

2. Superior Acromio- Clavicular Ligament ( Thickening of Capsule):

Strenghtens the joint superiorly.

3. Coraco – clavicular Ligament:

Strengthens the joint inferiorly and it is divided into 2 parts

(a)    Conoid Ligament which is attached to the conoid tubicle on the inferior surface of the clavical and to root (first part) of the coracoids process.

(b)   Trapezoid Ligament is attached to the trapezoid ridge on the inferior surface of the clavicle and to the coracoids process lateral to the coroid ligament.

4.Coraco – acromial Ligament:

Extends from the coracoids process to the acromion process