Meniscus – Treatment and Rehabilitation

Treatment and Rehabilitation

At this stage the athlete now needs an appropriate treatment and rehabilitation program in order to return safely to his sport. The treatment and rehabilitation objectives for any sports person is an early and efficient return to their chosen sport without any complications, residual symptoms, and minimal risk of a recurrence of the injury. The goals and objectives of the rehabilitation program are to restore normal range of motion (ROM) and function of the knee and surrounding structures.

Meniscal injuries regardless of their nature and severity must undergo the same healing process. The 3 stages of healing consist of;

  • The inflammatory phase – acute stage ( 1- 5 days)
  • The proliferation phase – sub-acute stage ( 3 – 21 days)
  • The remodelling phase – maturation stage ( 21 days to 12 months)

The time necessary to complete each healing phase is totally dependent on the severity and the amount of tissue damaged of the injury.

The basic process of soft tissue healing underlies all effective treatment and rehabilitation interventions in the management of all injuries. It requires an understanding of the underlying pathology of soft tissue throughout each phase of healing which is vital; in order to select the most appropriate rehabilitation techniques.

The following treatment and rehabilitation program was put in place and designed to allow the sports person to return safely and as quickly as possible to their sport.

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