Meniscus – Mechanism of Inury

Mechanism of injury

The meniscus of the knee is mainly injured in a twisting or rotationery movement. With the medial meniscus less mobile than the lateral, it is therefore more prone to injury (Johnston 2000, Katz et al 2009). This is agreed by other research studies where they state that the most common mechanism of meniscal injury is a twisting injury with the foot anchored on the ground, often by another player’s body. This type of injury is commonly seen in football and basketball. The degree of pain associated with this type of injury varies from patient to patient (Brunker et al in 2009).

A current research study surveying 1236 individuals showed that meniscal injury accounted for 32.4% of all injuries within the sporting population, and 38.8% of the non-sporting population (Drosco et al 2003). The contrast between the two groups was the activities the individuals undertook.

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