Hip Impingement

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1.1 Background

Hip arthroscopy represents a new and minimally invasive surgical procedure of treating patients with femoroacetabular impingement (FAI). However, participating in popular sports after this surgical procedure has not yet been analysed according to (Brunner et al, 2009). FAI is a condition relatively unknown until introduced by Ganz (2002), it is now thought, however, to be the most common cause of hip pain in the young athlete with an incidence  of around 10 -15% of the population. (Schilders et al, 2009).

May et al (2007) agreed when they stated that FAI is recognised as being a cause of labral tears and chrondal damage as well as a precursor to developing OA of the hip. There is evidence to suggest that labral tears is a precursor of osteoarthritis (OA) of the hip according to (Schilders et al, 2009).They reported that patients who underwent arthroscopic repair of the hip showed symptomatic improvement 16 months post-surgery (Philippon et al 2006). This demonstrates that arthroscopic surgery for FAI is very effective for patients diagnosed with this condition.  It is important, therefore, that patients consider this procedure to eliminate/improve their medical condition and improve their symptoms.

FAI has been recognised as a cause of hip pain, labral and chrondral pathology, early OA, and decreased athletic performance. Historically, however, treatment for FAI consisted of an open approach with surgical dislocation resulting in difficulty for high level athletes to return to play (Philippon 2006). This may suggest that arthroscopy for this condition is best suited for athletes to allow them to return to their sport at the same intensity and level. This would uphold the hypothesis of this research study in that athletes can return to their individual sport. Current research would also agree with this as it states that the introduction of arthroscopic techniques for the treatment of athletic hip injuries, including capsular laxity, has allowed many athletes to return to their high levels of performance (Philippon 2005).

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